Hey guys,

I’ve been neglecting my website again! (>_<”;)

haven’t even done up my about me page yet… someone please bug/annoy me to write it up.

Anyhow, i have renewed my youtube channel and i am starting to do weekly “hopefully” videos on it. i haven really decided on the content theme on it yet but it should probably on just interesting events/stuff in Tokyo,Japan and about my life in Japan i guess.

if you guys have any ideas or comments to add on what kind of content you would want to see, please do share your ideas!

without further ado, here’s my first video! a simple introduction to about me and the start of this channel.

I will do up a new video by the end of the week either on my new cat or my trip to the batting center in Shinjuku tomorrow.


Ferlyn Yoshimi

Hat Day in school

My school started this new “fashion day”  this month, where every Thursday we have a certain fashion item as the key item to wear to participate.

this week is HAT DAY”. Look at my fellow schoolmates and professors and their awesome looking hats.photo4

does your school or work place have designated days with fashion items?

or you follow the “Casual Friday” look on Fridays at work?

photo3 photo2

in other news, there is a terrible flu bug going around my school and 1 of out 4students are either out sick or wearing a mask to school. I have been fighting a cold for a week now i just hope the flu bug doesn’t reach me and cut me off from classes.





First 2013 snow of Tokyo 東京2013年初雪


So, Tokyo saw its first sight of Snow in 2013 and it couldn’t have came at a more  appropriate day: Coming of Age day.成人の日

Snow Miku in Snow


Tokyo folks were awaken the morning of 14th January 2013 with a very unexpected welcome to white bedded floors on the street. It started to snow awhile after the rain started and in less than half an hour, the streets were covered in a layer of snow.


The boys and girls attending their Coming of Age Ceremony had the pleasure and pain of having a white coming of age ceremony. While it was absolutely beautiful to mix snow and pretty kimonos together, the snow proved treacherous to walk around in geta and socks for the girls.



While beautiful, these girls had their feet soaked in snow and were freezing their legs off. 2 of my friends fell sick the night they got home. The coming of age ceremony is a celebration for girls and boys who reached the age of 20, the age of adulthood here in Japan.

which is demonstrated here by the fashion monster Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on her single “furisodation” to celebrate the age of adulthood and the introduction of alcohol~~~


Girls in Kimono battling the heavy snow~


Walking in snow is one of the most annoying things in life, its slippery, wet and boots were ruined by the time i came home. i was not prepared with snow resistance boots. (*>___<*)

Tokyo-lites walking in a path that has been created in the middle of the snow filled street


the day after it snows has got to be the most dangerous day! the snow partially melting and hardening up at the same time proves to be kryptonite to people like ME. i can barely walk properly without failing over and now you add slippery snow *#_#*

to prove my point, i fell on my behind the day after it snowed~~ and i got up and walked into a automatic sliding door. *EMBARRASSING* my friend just stood there and laughed at me. she was complaining how she should have whipped out her phone and video/picture that down.

anyhow, i’m all good and i still love the snow! there’s something so romantic about it. it is the season for snow for all who has a 4season calender. how’s the snow in your area?



New Website, New start

Hey folks,

After the whole domain name drama with the troll i decided to go with

doughnut in the morning! excuse my morning sleepy eyes.


I’m still figuring out the mechanics of the site, so bear with me while i make changes. but its nice to have a blog again and this time round its going to be more interactive and have more insight to what i’ve done and what i’m going to be doing. i’m not the best with website designing and codes so for those who can help me out with that, i’d love if you can help me out with navigating my way through making this better.

so if you guys have any inputs that you think i should do to the site or what you want to see from my website let me know!